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Slang and Terms of the 90s, words and phrases that helped define the decade

Okay, now I just want to point out some of the slang words and phrases that came out of the 1990s. sweet- big early ’90s wordmega-which I was amazed to hear after so long from my teenfriend in 1999it’s all

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Worst movies of the 70s, what do you think was the worst movie of the 70s?

Slang and Terms of the 70s, words and phrases that helped define the decade

Cars of the 90s, These are the cars that helped define the decade, and stood out from the rest.

Stains. Since having s I’ve noticed that my house is full of them. In the carpet, on clothes, on furniture, even on my teeth (yes, I had to drink a lot of coffee to keep me awake during those night feeds). But what I hate more than stains is paying $5 for a stain remover that never seems to do

Eighties 80s Television Trivia, Questions and Answers. The Answers. Who was Mallory Keaton’s fiance? Nick Moore; Which one of the A Team was a Pilot?

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Catch phrases used by television characters during the 1980s.

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