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Activist files suit against auditor. A petition filed with the Clark County Superior Court this week argues that a precinct committee officer candidate must be…

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Tiffany Chapel. In 1893 Louis Comfort Tiffany exhibited a chapel interior at the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago that brought him international acclaim few American artists enjoyed at the time.

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About the CollectionsThe National Museum of American History collects artifacts of all kinds—from gowns to locomotives—to preserve for the American people an enduring record of their past.

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Between May and October 1893, nearly 26 million visitors flocked to Chicago to visit the World’s Columbian Exposition, which commemorated the 400th anniversary of Columbus’s discovery of the New World (dedication ceremonies were held in October 1892). Forty-six nations participated in the exposition

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Turlay gets his debate on climate change, kind of. At Monday’s citizen forum, four residents used the opportunity to advocate for a climate action plan.

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Deputies have identified the woman killed in a crash Tuesday in front of Columbia River High college as 86-year-old Marion Klitza of Vancouver. Klitza was killed the morning of March 6 after her vehicle collided with another, which was pulling out of the college’s parking lot, according to the

Pre-Columbian civilizations: Pre-Columbian civilizations, the aboriginal American Indian cultures that evolved in Mesoamerica (part of Mexico and Central America) and the Andean region (western South America) prior to Spanish exploration and conquest in …

Die World’s Columbian Exposition 1893 (auch The Chicago World’s Fair) war eine vom 1.Mai bis zum 30. Oktober 1893 in Chicago veranstaltete Weltausstellung, die neunzehnte ihrer Art.

The world is the planet Earth and all life upon it, including human civilization. In a philosophical context, the “world” is the whole of the physical Universe, or an ontological world (the “world” of an individual).

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The World’s Columbian Exposition (the official shortened name for the World’s Fair: Columbian Exposition, also known as the Chicago World’s Fair and Chicago Columbian Exposition) was a world’s fair held in Chicago in 1893 to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Christopher Columbus’s arrival in the New World in 1492.