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Yo mama so fat, everytime she walks she does the harlem shake

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Yo mama Jokes, including yo mama so fat, yo mama so stupid, so poor, so ugly, so nasty, so lazy, so tall, so bald, and many more yo mama jokes.

It’s not like we have anything against yo mamabut it’s just so hard not to laugh at literally everything she does. These are the best yo mama jokes of all time.

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<< We have over 30 Categories of Yo Mama Jokes on our Main Page! yo mama so fat that the Sorting Hat put her in all four houses! yo mama so fat that a wingardium leviosa spell couldn't lift her.

These are not just jokes, they have been titled the most hilarious jokes ever and that is exactly how it is. There are different types of jokes and most times we come across jokes that are so boring and not funny at all despite the … – Jokes and More. Yo Mama’s so nasty, she’s got more clap than an auditorium. Yo mama so nasty she brings crabs to the beach.

The largest collection of yo momma jokes on the web. Yo mama is so fat, old, nasty, stupid and more.

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