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Does Flex Seal Really Work?3 (59.18%) 292 votes Flex Seal is taking a product that has been around for a long time, and marketing it to the public as an all-in-one fix for many problems around the home.

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How desperate is Blac Chyna to be on the level of a Kim Kardashian? The former stripper called the cops after “someone” leaked her full sex tape online on Monday. The video, which appears to be staged, opens with Chyna standing in a doorway. Then, as if on cue, she walks over to a man lying on a

“My husband and I recently flipped our lives upside down and are now living bicoastal between Seattle and New York City for about one year, due a job offer he received and could not turn down.

If you’ve got an ostomy, you’ll likely end up with leaks at some point. Here are the many causes (and solutions) for dealing with them.

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“Well, one positive thing [about fame] is that, my family, whatever they want, they get.Everything that I want to buy, I can get. I don’t have to worry so much about my future,” the rapper revealed in an interview.

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You are disturbed and paranoid, I hope the secret service is monitoring you, mcmaster has an impeccable reputation, if he hates trump he would not even be in the team

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On August 31, 2014, a collection of almost 500 private pictures of various celebrities, mostly women, and with many containing nudity, were posted on the imageboard 4chan, and later disseminated by other users on websites and …