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More than a few hilarious factoids guaranteed to make you scratch your head and make you want to hold on to them for bar trivia with your friends.

Smiley emotion is the best way to express your emotions during virtual relations! When you insert small funny faces to texts there is no need to write vast description of your emotional experience.

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How Can I Make Smiley Faces and Other Emoticons With My Keyboard?

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Emoticons – those smileys and other faces made out of letters and symbols on your keyboard – are a great way to inject a little fun into your emails, online messages and text messages. Learning them is also a great way to get very familiar with your keyboard! I showed you how to make some smiley

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Dave Barry author of Insane City. “Dave Barry remains one of the funniest writers alive.” —Carl Hiaasen “While reading Dave Barry’s Big Trouble, I laughed so loud I …

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This funny and provocative emoticons are perfect for the ‘sexting‘.They have a broad range of characters and are divided into two categories: dirty and porn emojis.

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